Call in and visit the regions favourite PetStore We supply products for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Wild Birds, Caged Birds, Reptiles, Fish and Horses we supply feeds (All the Major Brands and household favourites) for each category including frozen food for Terrapins/Turtles. Mice and Rats for reptiles and Frozen minces and Meat and Poultry chunks for Dogs. If we haven’t got it in the store we can get it in specifically for you (Most of the time) So why not pop in and pay us a visit you won’t be disappointed !!!!!


We have just made a huge stock purchase for “THE TACK SHACK” so our already bustling store is now bursting at the seams with fantastic NEW ITEMS such as Body Protectors, we also have a large range of boots (Harry Hall, Toggi etc) and a selection Joddy boots and Wellingtons and some fantastic offers on all types of clothing from Jodhpurs to Giletts we have over 70 bits to choose from and a massive stock of Headcollars and beautiful leather Bridles, so why not pop in and have a look around you will receive a warm welcome from our knowledgeable staff, just put WF9 2HP in your sat nav and we’ll see you soon…….Oh and you wont believe the prices

A huge delivery is expected tomorrow for The Tack Shack including New Lickits, Mucker Boots, John Whittaker Spurs and Saddlepads more of the Rainbow Headcollars (Which have proved to be a massive hit) Silverfeet Hoof Balm and a full restock of Wormers to name but a few, pop in and compare our prices YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED !!

Protect From Sunburn

Originally Desert animals, Cats love to sunbathe – and so do some dogs. Apply special pet sunblock to the tips of the ears, nose, belly and groin, where there is less fur. White and Albino cats are particularly vulnerable. NEVER USE HUMAN SUNBLOCK as it can irritate your pet’s tongue, throat and stomach if they try to lick it off!!! 


HEATSROKE CAN BE FATAL so if your pet shows symptoms such as faster panting, excessive drooling, darkened gums, agitation, staggering, vomiting or diarrhoea, seek advice from a vet immediately. Old Young and Overweight pets are more at risk. always have plenty of fresh water available and provide a sheltered area as a cool spot.


In store we have everything for the Horse and Rider and we believe we are the cheapest in the area but don’t take our word for it, pop in and take a look for yourself, you wont be disappointed. And don’t forget we are licensed by the V.M.D. to sell WORMERS. Currently we have the following in stock:-







We are able to compile a personal worming plan for you should you require one please call on 01977 651179 and ask for EMMA


New Dog Bed Delivery Due In

Our next delivery of dog beds is due in later this week. We will have over 100 beds in stock including the NEW “Good Boy” range. We are also expecting our “Supersize” beds, these are 5 foot x 3 foot, have washable covers and are only £20.00. Yeah I know I can’t believe it either but they are only £20.00 it’s ridiculous. Feel free to pop in and take a look or give us a call on 01977 651179…………….

Latest Offers inc Double Discount on Dog Kennels!

We’ve got some really good value pet product offers on at the moment – for example, Bakers 15kilo only £24.50 and Supadog Chicken down to £14.99.

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Huge range of Dog Beds - over 100 in stock at unbelievably low prices.

We also stock pet harnesses, dog leads, pet carriers, bird food and the finest wooden dog kennels in this area


Wooden Dog Kennels and double beds – DOUBLE DISCOUNTS – WAS £79.99 NOW ONLY £29.99!

All our Dog Kennels and Dog Beds are designed by craftsmen and built to the highest standards. All our Dog Kennels are constructed from 12 mm tongue & groove fir, which has been treated in a pet friendly wood preservative, ensuring prolonged life.

- Every kennel is water resistant.
- Every kennel is splinter free.
- Every kennel stands on legs to raise it from the ground.


All our Dog Kennels come to you in an easy to construct format all you need is a screwdriver, about 15 minutes and you and your dog will be the proud owners of one of our truly wonderful Dog Kennels.

Pop in to see all our current offers – must end soon!